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Cuvée Genesis

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Cuvée Genesis
Cuvée Genesis
Cuvée Genesis
Cuvée Genesis
Made in Australia.

Experience the world's first truly premium de-alcoholized sparkling wine. Authentically dry. Exquisitely delicious. Unique Méthode Moderne craftsmanship.

Artfully blending Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier and containing a portion of Méthode Traditionelle wine aged minimum 3 years on lees. Pernelle Cuvée Genesis displays an exciting yet familiar brut style that is authentically dry, while retaining both depth and exquisite complexity – with only 22g/L of sugar and less than 0.5% ABV. An irresistible alternative for celebrating life's pinnacle moments.

Tasting Notes

"This truly premium sparkling shows a light golden straw hue with vibrant effervescence and a creamy textural mousse. On the nose it delivers fresh citrus and lemon curd notes, combined with hints of stone fruit and reserve wine complexity. The palette possesses a lovely depth of natural acidity, combined with a delicate fruit character, which drives to a persistent and invigorating finish."

- Rob Heywood, Head Winemaker


3 years in the making and 19 iterations to perfect, the exceptional Cuvée Genesis marks the establishment of Pernelle’s Methodé Moderne, a commitment to the highest standards of de-alcoholized winemaking, and with it a sparkling new tradition. One that combines the best of Méthode Traditionnelle craftsmanship with innovative proprietary processes and ferments to create quality, without compromise. Pernelle Cuvée Genesis is gently de-alcoholized in one pass, before undergoing further stages of crafting and refinement to bring it to its full potential.

Food Pairings

Pairs stunningly with:

Oysters, scallop carpaccio, aged hard cheese, foie gras, kalamata olives.

"Pernelle Cuvée Genesis is compelling for the wine drinker due to a discreet champagne-like toastiness to the aroma, while delicious for those after merely ‘a good drink’. It’s hard to imagine a de-alcoholized sparkling could be better."

Ned Goodwin — Master of Wine

Méthode Moderne.
A new standard in de-alcoholized sparkling winemaking.