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Méthode Moderne.

New Tradition

Innovating a new quality standard for
de-alcoholized sparkling winemaking.

Establishing a New Tradition.

Our Unique Craftmanship

Pernelle is an international collaboration between Méthode Traditionnelle winemakers and champagne experts to pioneer the world’s first truly premium de-alcoholized sparkling.

An exciting new tradition has arrived.

New Standard

3 years in the making and 19 iterations to perfect, our exceptional Cuvée Genesis marks the establishment of Pernelle’s Méthode Moderne winemaking process, a commitment to the highest standards of de-alcoholized winemaking, and with it an exciting new tradition.

Unmatched innovation and craftmanship.

The Process

All Pernelle wines created with Méthode Moderne techniques begin with exceptional winemaking.

Exclusively using Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, champagne varietal grapes, prior to being gently de-alcoholized in one pass before further stages of innovative craftsmanship and refinement deliver its fullest potential. Each Pernelle expression also contains a portion of Méthode Traditionnelle wine aged minimum 2 years on lees granting additional elegance and complexity.

Enjoy Pernelle

It’s time to uncork
the exquisitely delicious
new tradition in sparkling.

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