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A Sparkling
New Tradition.

Our Story

For life's pinnacle moments.

The toast for life's pinnacle moments.


We mark our lives by the moments truly lived. And to help celebrate those moments fully, we’ve created the world’s first truly premium de-alchoholized sparkling.

Pernelle Cuvée Genesis is a sparkling new tradition for a sparkling generation.

For the cultural creators, game-changers, way-makers and good-times initiators who seek to experience life to the full in every arena, who honour the past while creatively and bravely innovating the new.

A visionary father.
A visionary son.

Our Founders

Richard and Timothy Frost had a vision to create the world's first truly premium de-alcoholized sparkling wine. One of supreme quality, without compromise, that would elevate the perception of the category, creating a sophisticated alternative for champagne and premium sparkling wine lovers.

3 years,
19 iterations.

Our Journey

Assembling a team of champagne and Méthode Traditionnelle sparkling wine experts, our international collaboration spent 3 years combining the best of traditional craftsmanship with innovative proprietary processes. 19 iterations later, we have collectively pioneered a stunning new standard in de-alcoholized winemaking.

Inspired by French
alchemist 'Perenelle'

Our Name

A 14th century Parisian alchemist, Perenelle dedicated her life to discovering the Philosopher’s Stone - known as the elixir of life, a symbol of perfection, enlightenment and heavenly bliss. Her quest to discover it was known as the Magnum Opus (Great Work).

Méthode Moderne.
A new standard in de-alcoholized sparkling winemaking.

Enjoy Pernelle

It’s time to uncork
the exquisitely delicious
new tradition in sparkling.

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